Helen Leach

Providing gentle end of life care and support for your animal friends

All Are Welcome

When we bring in to our lives and hearts an animal friend we always know that our time together will be short.

What we are not prepared for is how we approach the final passing of our animal companions making sure that it is a comfortable and calm event for our pet and all those who care for them.

It is my mission to make sure that everyone has the understanding, tools, and support for this difficult time so that it can be a beautiful celebration of life and friendship.

Every living being deserves kindness and compassion throughout their lives and beyond.

There is a special place our dear pets go

When their time on earth is through.

The Rainbow Bridge, not far away,

Makes our pets brand new.

Their health restored, they wait for us

Just this side of heaven.

Then when it’s time, we’ll reunite

And cross the bridge together.

Author Unknown

Helen Leach

How I Can Help You

Pet End of Life 121 Support Programme

As an End of Life Companion, I walk with you and your pet through the 3 stages of passing, so that you are always supported, understood, and able to give your pet the most loving end of life journey.

Stage 1: Preparing

I am here as a guide to walk by your and your pet's side as you prepare for their passing over

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Stage 2: On the Day

I will be by your pet's spiritual side during their passing so that they are at ease for the final journey

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Stage 3: After Care

I provide bereavement healing and together we can ensure their memory lives on with joy

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Lost Pet Services

Lost Pet Bereavement Healing

Helping with grief when there is no closure

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Scan Angel

Bringing home with dignity lost pets that have passed away

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Hear how I have helped others

I appreciate so much your support and your insight along the journey and I just thank you for what you do in the world. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I don't know, I cannot fathom how you do it. Lots of love. Thank you so much.

Fawn, Mexico

Helen did a remote Reiki session with Simba and me. She helped me calm down while I'm walking Simba. So naturally it calmed Simba down too.

Lynne, North Carolina, USA

We are so very grateful for her kindness and understanding, and her very high level of attention given to everything. Whilst Angelo was having his healing sessions, even our 2 cats would appear, sit close by to get in on the healing vibe, and benefit from it too. Helen went out of her way, over & above, to help all 3 of our animals, including us with good advice & aftercare.

Deana, Dorset, UK 

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