End of Life Pet Services

Pet End of Life 121 Support Programme

As an End of Life Companion, I walk with you and your pet through the 3 stages of passing, so that you are always supported, understood, and able to give your pet the most loving end of life journey.

You can reach out to me at any stage of the journey for support knowing that you will be welcomed with compassion.

If you are unsure where to start or what support you need, I invite you to book an initial one hour consultaion to explore your path ahead. I understand that vet fees at this time can be a huge concern for many, and so I only charge £20 for this session.

Stage 1: Preparing

When we get the news that we need to consider the passing over of our beloved pet, we can react in many different ways. From pre event grief through to cool disconnect. All of these emotions are completely natural and normal.

Your vet is qualified to gently guide you through their part of the process but sometimes we need a little bit more support. Some people may wish to have a more holistic approach to work alongside the vet.

In this 90 minute 121 online session, I am here to provide you individual extra support, answer and clarify your questions, and help you and your pet prepare for the day of passing.

Stage 2: On the Day

With good preparation in place, the day of passing for your beloved pet will be filled with ease and love. You will be by their side when the time comes knowing that I will also be by your pet’s spiritual side during their passing. Your pet will be surround by love and spiritual energy healing as they are guided on to the next stage of their life’s journey.

Stage 3: After Care

Grief is a personal and individual process.

It is learning to come to terms with the loss.

Learning to heal the hole in our lives that they leave behind.

Learning to love their memory with peace and grace.

Learning that we can continue to live without them in our physical life as they are always by our side in spirit.

As a Bereavement Healer, I support you as you process your grief in your own personal way in your own time that is right for you. This is a 90 minute 121 online session.

If you need additional sessions we can organise them as required at £45 per hour.

If you would like to be supported throughout the whole journey, you can purchase all 3 Stages at a discounted price of £140

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